Check out this great article on The New York Public Library blog by Crystal Chen, Hamilton Grange Library.

Here are a few teasers about their favorites.

Bitch Planet (2014-present) by Kelly Sue DeConnick and artist Valentine De Landro. “Think Margaret Atwood meets Inglourious Bastards.”

Chew (2009-present) by John Layman and artist Rob Guillory. “…food-related supernatural powers…” And guess who’s staring in the animated film version? Our sadly missed Glenn from The Walking Dead, Steven Yeun.

Lumberjanes (2014-present) by Noelle Stevenson, Grace Ellis, Shannon Watters, and artist Brooke A. Allen.”…Infinitely quotable, I’ve found myself habitually yelling “What the junk!” and “Oh my Bessie Coleman!” in moments of great distress or excitement…”

Blacksad (2000-present) by Juan Diaz Canales and artist Juanjo Guarnido. “…What if Philip Marlowe was a tough-talking anthropomorphic cat?…”

And while you’re browsing, they have some great out of print comics on their Biblioboard database.